The Tank of the Olives The Grinders The Grinders 1° Gramola 2° Gramola The Caricatrice The Undercarriage Presse The Tank Oil/Water Vegetation The Tank Water of Vegetation The Centrifuge The Small Tank The Reservior Oil mappa

The Reservoir of the Olive
Our crusher is endowed with a reservoir that is able to contain up to 4000 Kg of olives; for make faster and comfortable also the grinding of big games of olives.

The Millstones
We have equipped with two millstones in stone (granite) that are able to reduce 400 Kg of olives (inclusive core) in pasta in around ½ hour.

The 1ST Ripple
The 1ST Ripple, that in green, it has the assignment of brake completely, softens the pasta as soon as worked from the millstones. When it will have finished his assignment, through a horizontal [cocola] will provide for transferring from the 1ST at 2ND Brake the pasta.

The 2NDRipple
The 2 ND Ripple, instead, beyond to complete the assignments of the first, it must carry the pasta on the "fiscoli".

The Loader
Is the posting of job of the operator, on the piano (as soon as visible) he is on the left a series of "fiscoli" as soon as tablet of the presses, while to the right it has of an it that the 2 ND Ripple fills. Here the operator takes a [fiscolo] from the series of left and he removes him the olive residues that, through a system of aspiration and drillation, course in an external deposit comes; he therefore sets the [fiscolo] under the calf's head of the ripple that the [riempirà fill] of pasta. When the operator will have exhausted the series of compressed "fiscoli", he will activate the two arms of the car: that on the cart of left will descend for take an other series of compressed "fiscoli", while the other (not visible) will come down to take the full series. Both then, they will rise and they will perform a rotation right verse of 90°, therefore to got again for release the own loads and they will return to place.

The Cart
This to the right is a cart that place under the presses has stayed and it therefore has the own series of compressed "fiscoli". The arm of the loader, place on of him, that will provide for voiding it. That to left, instead, it will be fill with series of pasta from the hidden arm of the loader, and then will have set under a press.

The Presses
There are three and they have the same assignment: compress the series of "fiscoli" containers pasta for extract the liquid from which extract will come the oil. Each has a tall piston around 2 m and of a diameter of a round 30 cm. A hydraulic pomp sends buried container the piston, this last for the Hydraulic push, of the water in pressure in the container salt compressing the load rising above. The drawn out liquid from the presses, it is picked in any tubs (mails each behind a press).

The Reservoir Oils/ Water of Vegetation
A pomp provides for will fill this reservoir with the contained liquid in the tubs set behind the presses.

The Reservoir Water of Vegetation
This reservoir is fill, also he, from a pomp that withdraws this water from the reservoir of steel inoxidizable set under of him. If he looks well it has two exits:

The Centrifuges
This car highly complicated for his manifold births, it has realized internally in steel inoxidizable. It has the assignment of separate the oil from the water of vegetation. The reservoir Oils/ Water of Vegetation furnishes him "the material raw." The other reservoir (Water of Vegetation), instead, optimizes the separation adding, when necessary, the least quantity of Water of Vegetation for the good operation of the Centrifuges. Once separate, the oil goes out on the right of the car, while the water of vegetation on the left.

The Small Reservoir
This small reservoir greets the water of vegetation, as soon as drawn out, from the centrifugal. From here, through pomp, his content comes transferred to the reservoir of Water of Vegetation or stocked in containers of big capacity. This reservoir has, besides, a function of control of the good operation of her centrifuges.

The Cistern Oils
This cistern, that has an ability of 300 kg and it has realized inoxidizable in steel, it comes stored temporarily the final product (the oil). Under of her there are a weigh that allows of know the quantity of oil product. If this product is of our producer it comes returned, otherwise has stored in our containers, all clearly in steel inoxidizable.