The Frantoio Oleario Farese is a company that produces several to types of extra oil vergine of olive from 1948. Our philosophy is oriented to the production of quality and not of amount. In order to follow this philosophy we try to adequately miscelare the strong tradition of the field with the innovations that the progress puts to us on hand. Therefore, we have chosen to adopt the method of pressed working with hydraulic (commonly called traditional system). The workings, all exclusively mechanics, happen between the 13 and 27 °C. We have, a management of the warehouse informatizzata with 2 emplacements that concur us of monitorare the flow better than olives inside of the company.

The frantoio it is not only limited to modernize just the park blots of it and infrastructures, but it wants to maintain modernized also the just personal one, is inner (employee) that external (supplying of the olives). In order to make that ago to follow to own employee the course of tasters, conventions and fairs of field, to the aim to maintain always it dawns them to you on the technical, technological and bureaucratic aspects in the within of the olearia row. As far as the suppliers of the olives, the frantoio it organizes course of pruning and concimazione to the aim to carry to our collaborators the adequate acquaintance in order to optimize just the job.