The olives, you once arrive to the crusher they have weighed, it through a weigh electronics, and stabs in large boxes, for preserve it good, to constant temperature.
they to the moment of the workmanship am private of the leaves and other extraneous bodies through a defoliant, from which they have introduced in a temporary deposit.
From the deposit the olives have crushed from two millstones in stone. The gotten doungh has made flow in a ripple that provides for his wretching for around 10 minutes. The doungh, therefore, has transferred in a doeses that doses it on "fiscoli", composed in series from an operator and from an elettro-pneumatic loader in carts.
The carts load of doungh they have set under hydraulic presses that provide for their juice, from this phase a solid part comes out, the "olive husks," and a liquid part constituted from water of vegetation and oil. Such liquid he comes introduced in a centrifugal separator to automatic unloading provides for the final separation of the oil from the water of vegetation and from other impurity. Subsequently the oil comes stabed in containers of steel inox.