Spaghetti to the trappetara
Ingredients for 5 persons:

In the oil, to add the chili pepper in powder and to immediately withdraw from the fire the frying pan pouring to you the tomato previously sminuzzato. To make to cook for 5 minuteren to alive fire and to add the snocciolate olives, a pizzico of knows them and the paste of olives. To flavor the spaghetti very sgocciolati with the sauce and guarnirli with basil leaves.

Maccheroni to the Frantoiana
Ingredients for 6 persons:

Cut to pezzetti the olives and mettetele in tegame cooking covered with the wine, you add the entire garlic, to remove later on, or tritato, second the tastes. Left to sobbollire for some minute, pepate, you add the prezzemolo, finished the baking leaving thickening the bottom, while lessate the maccheroni in water leggermente salata, still drains them a lot to you to the tooth, mannered the tomatoes spella you and poured in pirofila from furnace a paste and the sauce of olives, rigirate well in order to amalgamate the condimento and you cover with tomato slices, dusted of bread crumb and sent in furnace to gratinare for some minute