Our oil derives from olives controlled periodically during their increase anddealt with Pesticidi in how much our microclimate does not allow the excessive development of you adorned to you. These and other rules are taxes to our producers in order to guarantee olives of sure origin and therefore of quality.
Our processes of working, to optimal temperature, produce to an oil of low acidity and lowest peroxide number also in the more difficult vintage years. All the processes of working are pure not chemical physicists and. Thanks to the hydraulic pressed ones, and an oscillating temperature between the 15 and 27 °C, the oil conserve all the property that the nature has supplied to it. In other systems of working where elevated temperatures are used more, instead, good part of the liposolubili substances and anti-oxidants (es. Vitamin and, Tocoferoli, Polifenoli, etc.) go via with the water of dilution of the paste during the phase of working, producing an oil that is not most complete in nature.